Zany's Vegan Love Basket

Zany's Vegan Love Basket

9 Items in a basket with fresh flowers


Gift our Vegan Love basket to one of your vegan friends and they will love you forever! Fresh flowers with handmade vegan gluten & refined sugar free goodies, what not to love?! 


Items included in this gift pack:

- 250gms Banana Double Chocolate Cake

- 1 Mixed Nuts & Seeds Granola

- 1 Roasted Lentils with Suoer Seeds

- 3 Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

- 3 Peanuts Butter & Date Cookies



    Return Policy
    All damaged products will be exchanged if informed within 24 hours 
    Refund Policy
    Given the nature of the products and the fact that our bakery items are made fresh on receiving an order, we will not be able to refund or exchange an item.