Zany’s was started by Clint & Astha, a husband and wife team, as an expression of their love for food. The inspiration for their range of products comes from their home and how they eat and celebrate as a family. All the products are homemade with a firm commitment to quality ingredients and zero artificial color and preservatives. 


​Zane is Astha & Clint’s son. In 2015 to announce his birth, a 100 bottles of homemade Apple Caramel Butter were sent to friends and family. The flow of empty bottles with refill requests was the beginning of Zany’s.

We support food choices and preferences and try to have an inclusive menu that caters to different dietary preferences. While some people prefer a traditional real-deal cookie with butter and flour others might prefer a gluten & refined sugar free vegan version.


We respect that and have goodies for everyone!

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