Our Story

How it all started

Zany’s was started by Clint & Astha, a husband and wife team, as an expression of their love for food. The inspiration for their range of products comes from their home and how they eat and celebrate as a family. All the products are homemade with a firm commitment to quality ingredients and zero artificial color and preservatives. 


​Zane is Astha & Clint’s son. In 2015 to announce his birth, a 100 bottles of homemade Apple Caramel Butter were sent to friends and family. The flow of empty bottles with refill requests was the beginning of Zany’s.

Our Philosophy

For a different class of craving

We support food choices and preferences and try to have an inclusive menu that caters to different dietary preferences. While some people prefer a traditional real-deal cookie with butter and flour others might prefer a gluten & refined sugar free vegan version.


We respect that and have goodies for everyone!

Ingredients We Love

We use only the best ingredients and no artificial flavors, color or preservatives. Our products are handcrafted in small batches with attention, care and love.  All sweet treats don't have to be empty calories and all healthy treats don't have to be tasteless.

Alternate Sweeteners

In our better-for-you range we use natural sweeteners that are less processed and contain minerals and nutrients

Alternate Flours

We love baking with alternate flours to come up with healthier gluten-free treats that are wholesome and nutritious. 

If its decadent taste is not incentive enough, this ultimate feel-good food is loaded with anti-oxidants that are actually good for you. We use only dark couverture chocolate with higher cocoa and lower sugar content in all our goodies. If using powder, it's 100% pure cocoa powder or unprocessed raw cacao.


As a rule, we don't use any artificial flavoring in our goodies. True flavors come from the real thing! So when we say our Banoffee sauce has banana and caramel flavors, you can be sure we have used the entire fruit with all its goodness. And who says vegetables don’t belong in dessert? Be it zucchini, carrot , beetroot or sweet potato there’s a special place for veggies in our cakes.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

What you will never find in Zany's Products


Artificial Color




Artificial Flavors

No Artificial

Non-Dairy Cream


Compound Chocolate

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