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Welcome to Zany's


At the core of Zany’s is the belief that food has the power to nurture both body and soul and bring people together. All our goodies combine quality ingredients with simple recipes that are handmade with the utmost care and attention.   


 Have a look at our menu; you’re sure to find some yummy goodies that suit your dietary preference.


Priya Wadhwa 

Tried Zany’s goodies for my son’s birth announcement, we as well as all our relatives loved her sauces and granolas. Was very different as compared to usual chocolates. Highly recommend it!! 

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Anurag Chatterjee

I always have a list of things to bring back from India to Singapore and Zany's is a must for me and my family. Great flavours and so many ways to enjoy it.

sanam lala.jpg

Sanam Lala

Turning vegan was made all the more easier with Zany's treats. Their tasty options have satisfied my sweet tooth making them my go to place when I have sweet cravings. Once you buy Zany’s you’ll never stop going back for more!


Shalini Usha Devi 

Zany’s is what I indulge in when I want to treat myself. The dessert sauces are the perfect complement to cakes and cheesecakes (that is if you can stop yourself from polishing off the entire bottle as is). If you are my friend I have gifted you Zany’s product! 


What makes us who we are


No factories. No mass production.

Our products are made to be personal, just for you.


Months of research, trials and errors lead to that perfect flavour. You’ll feel it with every bite.


All our products are made from scratch and packaged by hand, not in a factory but in a home.

What makes us who we are
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